Predictions Divisional Round: Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

The Divisional Round weekend starts strong with a matchup that epitomises what the NFL playoffs truly are about; the Kansas City Chiefs who have completed a very successful regular season under Andy Reid’s renown strong starts (5-0), and the Colts. The Colts being the red hot team that makes it into the playoffs against expectations and now is a fearful foe to confront in January football.


If this wasn’t attractive enough as storyline there are more to talk once we scratch slightly the surface.

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Reactions to the Eagles at Bears game

I did not have the time nor the clarity to get anything written about this game beforehand. My instinct was screaming beware the Eagles, once in January they turn into a monster. But at the same time, I also saw the general applause the Bears were collecting, let alone what their great defense could do to Foles’ broken rib.

So I started watching the game with the feeling of “let’s see what happens” as I had confusing expectations of this game.

During the first half we saw a very capable Eagles team that was actually wasting the opportunity to translate their very mild edge over the game on the scoreboard. On the Bears side we saw a struggling offense (more consequence of a great Eagles defense than anything else) and a defense that adjusted from the initial Eagle drive and shut down the visitor team for the remainder of the 1st half. Foles was battling the suffocating Bears pressure in a correct and safe way, for the most part. But that endzone pick was a silly mistake that could have cost a lot to the Eagles, as just 3 points seemed a whole lot in this game.


Despite the heart-breaking defeat I liked the Bears. Trubiski answered with the best of his game during the second half, after very quiet two initial quarters. Had the Bears faced any of the other two NFC wild card teams, they’d be walking into the Divisional Round by now, but the Eagles were a poisoned cup of wine. If I were the Bears I would not make such a big drama of this loss, and just would keep working and reinforcing the team during the off-season. They need to keep Vic Fangio leading that extraordinary defense, that is Nagy’s biggest responsibility over the summer. Besides that, maybe some more offensive gun powder would be welcome, but as weeks will pass Bears fan, players and managers will feel better about themselves. Even about their kicker, for whom the camera angle where we can see how the kick was tipped will be extremely relieving !

Reflections after Thanksgiving

Ayer se jugó una jornada especial por Thanksgiving the 3 partidos NFL. Debo decir que no he visto nada del Bears vs Lions, pero sí de los otros dos. Como Saint reconocido, estoy muy contento por la victoria contra Falcons, y también porque continuamos dando esa sensación de solidez defensiva y ataque compensado que tanto éxito nos da. Solo he visto el resumen de Saints, pero puedo decir que parece que este año todo se les ha juntado a los pobres Falcons. Son una franquicia con un halo de desgracia importante sobre sus hombros. Son un equipo, que pese a esa rivalidad regional, a mí no me generan antipatía. Más bien lo contrario y ayer se vio nuevamente por qué no les detesto. Tienen mala suerte, juegan lo mejor que pueden y no son tan odiosos como los Panthers. Esos sí que son fácilmente detestables. 

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Kansas City Chiefs at L.A. Rams


After been thinking for a long time about creating this website, it is a great opportunity to do it right after last night’s Monday Night Football in Los Angeles.

The game that should  have been played in Mexico DF surprised me in one aspect in particular: I expected both offences to score massively. I didn’t expect the defences to also score so prolifically. Both teams showed yesterday that are at the top of the league right now. Playoffs are still 6 weeks far, but it’s difficult to think of a scenario where these two squads will not make a deep run in the playoffs. I think both of them will have 1st round bye, after what we saw from the Chargers also this week 11.

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